Fast Performance Chassis offers its own line of products called Fast Performance. If you are interested in becoming a Fast Performance dealer you have to have a business logo. You also must provide a business sign hanging on you store/shop with logo. Fast Performance offers 2 level of buy in fees. 1st one is $2500.00 of Fast Performance parts. This allows you to purchase parts at a wholesale price with a lot of parts having a quantity break. Our MAX buy in fee is $5,000 of Fast Performance parts this is the BIG DEAL of them all, this allows you to purchase products at the MAX level without having to order the MAX quantity to get the best price for 1 part. If you become a Fast Performance dealer you are locked in as a dealer for 1 year. We will be watching your sales and work on pushing our products. If you do not sale at least $5000 of products the 1st year you will lose your dealer program! If you sale more than your buy in the 1st year we automatically roll you over to the next years dealer NO BUY IN FEE AGAIN.